Oney Onboarding Process Gateway

Last update: October 10, 2023

As we mentioned in the overview, Oney is your contact for integration in Gateway mode. If your PSP is in Collecting mode, reach out to your PSP directly.

The main onboarding phases are described below.

Prior to the first phase (Welcome call), Oney will take care of the required settings to create your brand in the Oney database, and your PSP will set up a sandbox account.

Welcome call

This three-way call between you, Oney, and your PSP is intended to frame the various tasks involved in your integration.

The meeting will be attended by the Oney Business Developer, the Oney Integration Project Manager, and your PSP support team.

Qualification phase

Oney will provide you with access to Basecamp, which is the tool that will be used for communications during the qualification phase.

Through Basecamp, Oney will send you:

  • front-end elements for integration into your website
  • the test book to try our solution in staging mode

Qualification comprises two stages:

  • Stage one includes implementing the PSP API, generating a payment request, and implementing the functions to validate, cancel, and refund payments. The PSP support team will help you with this.
  • Stage two consists in validating the tests requested by Oney. The Oney Integration Project Manager and the PSP support team will assist you and inform you when to start testing.

The qualification phase will be closed once all your test cases and front-end elements are validated. Oney will then send you a qualification completion report to be signed and returned.

Accounting & CRP

Depending on your PSP, financial reporting is handled by the PSP or Oney (CRP).

The CRP is the name for the Oney financial report, in which we inform you about financing flows. You may use it for your bank reconciliation.

You will find all relevant information in the documentation Oney financial report.

Going live with Oney

Once qualification is completed, we will hold another meeting with you and the PSP team to decide on the go-live date.

After that, we will send the production kit to the PSP. Once it has completed integration, the PSP will tell you to activate the payment method and confirm activation to the other parties.

Nursing phase

During the two weeks after going live, you will receive support from Oney teams and your PSP to validate the initial production flows.

Our after-sales supports

Once the nursing phase is over, a dedicated Oney Account Manager will be your main contact at Oney.