Cms integration mode

Last update: November 22, 2023

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Before going any further, please note 3x4x Oney module respects CMS philosophy and web standards. It has been tested and released for the last stable CMS versions.

Oney will decline all responsibility regarding:

  • CMS versions incompatibilities
  • Custom CMS core modifications
  • Custom CMS themes incompatibilities
  • Oney's official module modifications. Once shared with you or downloaded the module must not be altered in any kind
  • Any other CMS modules that would add, modify, or remove content or features from CMS default behaviour or core functionalities
  • ERP's module intended for stock management, not well configured to implement Oney's orders specific statuses. More information in section "Order manipulation"
  • Any change on CMS and Oney's statuses

Oney's support team may ask to access your CMS code to verify the integrity of information listed before and the engagement taken in the contract.


Easy to use and 100% secure, Oney's payment solutions is plugged to your online shop and offer, to your customers, a configurable payment in 3 to 12 instalments. In Germany, we will propose also our Paylater solution. Most of our services are accessible to any credit or debit card holder; Visa & Mastercard debit credit for all the following countries, also, for France Carte Bancaire (CB as a credit card), except Electron, Maestro & payments in Germany made by IBAN transfer:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Romania
  • Belgium

The 3x 4x Oney solution allows you to attract new customers, generate additional revenue, increase average basket price, and promote re-engagement. Those innovative services offer your customers innovative solutions to pay later or split their payments in several instalments. Please see below our Business Transactions.

The user experience is facilitated, and the buyer gets an instant answer.

According to the type of partnership defined with Oney, you will have access to the following options:

  • Payment in 3 instalments, no fees for your buyer
  • Payment in 4 instalments, no fees for your buyer
  • Payment in 3 instalments
  • Payment in 4 instalments
  • Payment in 6 instalments (Spain)
  • Payment in 10 instalments by credit card or debit card (Spain)
  • Payment in 12 instalments by credit card or debit card (Spain)

Any unpaid instalment on the end-customer side will be dealt with by Oney.

As soon as you confirm the shipment of the product(s) to your customer, Oney immediately finances you for the total amount of the order (find more information in our user guides).

Functional Overview

Fully integrated to the order process, once your customer selects Oney payment method, our service handles the rest.

Once the order is complete, our services treat you customer's request within 48 hours and share their response directly through your store, in the customer order's page and in the order's detail page in your store back-office.

Project Launch

Once the partnership is established, we launch the integration project. Our business developers are surrounded by a technical team and project managers to support you at each step of your integration. In the meantime, we set up your staging accounts.

Welcome call

At Oney, we want you to feel supported, so we organise a meeting, at the first stage, to bring together the stakeholders in the projects, in order to:

  • get to know each other
  • remind you of the different steps
  • the respective availability for time management
  • present the data to be shared
  • present our customer journeys
  • define the requirements of the people in charge

It is also an opportunity to ask questions that have not been addressed so far.

Basecamp: our communication tool

Basecamp is our tool to communicate and share information with you during the whole integration process. Basecamp will bring everyone together on the same platform, you will always be in contact with the person in charge and everyone involved will be aware of the current topic.

If you want to discover Basecamp, here is the link to their website: (link to Master the Basecamp Basics).

You will then receive a link to your dedicated space by e-mail at the beginning of your integration.

Good to know:

  • It is one basecamp per country, also if you have a site with multiple countries, you will have as many basecamps to configure and test.
  • You will receive an e-mail to access to it. If you did not receive it, at this stage, contact us, we will invite you.

Into your basecamp, into the file section, you will have access to:

  • Your credentials
  • Your Business Transactions list
  • Our technical documentation
  • Our test book
  • Our marketing book
  • Some credit card numbers to complete the test
  • Our CRP procedure

You can access to a conversation and answer.

You can also create a new conversation, but be careful, choose a good title.

Final, as into your mailbox, you will be able to share files with us. It will be added into the files section.

Support and Documentation Update

Your feedback matters to us! To constantly improve the quality and understanding of this documentation, please feel free to send your comments and suggestions to the basecamp provided by ONEY.

Our technical team is available in case you need support to install or set up the module. A support might be required in the cases below:

  • Nonstandard CMS versions or customized versions
  • One or several modules installed on your CMS website conflict with the ONEY module
  • Compatibility issues with your current version of CMS
  • Simple support required by your teams

Thank you.

Merchant's Qualification

The first step in module configuration is the qualification of our partner. To communicate credentials, Oney offers a 4 steps wizard to let you register and be called back by a sales representative.

If Oney's teams already communicate to you the credentials click on "Configure" button on the right of the screen and go to "Module's general features" section. If not, proceed with Oney 's wizard section of your CMS.

If you do not have Oney's credentials for your store, follow the steps on the following web page:

Wizard URL for France

Wizard URL for Portugal

Wizard URL for Italy, Spain, Romania: No enrolment wizard available, for now. Please contact a Oney's business developer for more information.

Note: In this wizard, information about you and your company will be asked. Such as personal identifications (first name, last name, etc...) but also company related information (benefits, type of structure, etc...). Be sure to have this information with you before you start registering.

Control on Customer's Account

Important Notes!
For each customer's order, the shipping and billing address country must be the same as the merchant country selected. For antifraud reason, there is a control on mobile phone number. Transborder payments are forbidden, in another word, order from a country and ship to another.

Oney's module make some verifications on customer's account.


First of all, the billing address country must be the same as the delivery address country. Please note that it is impossible to a customer to benefit Oney's offer for a country (Spain for example) and ask for a delivery in another (Italy for example).


Let us take Spanish customers:

They can:

  • ask for a shipping and an identical billing address in Spain.
  • ask for a shipping address in Spain and a different billing address in Spain.

They cannot:

  • ask for a shipping address in Italy and a billing address in Spain.
  • ask for a shipping address in Spain and a billing address in Italy.
  • ask for a shipping and an identical billing address in Italy.

Note: If a customer does not meet the conditions, he can still see Oney enabled payment methods in the checkout process, but he will not be able to select one of them.

The notable difference with pickup delivery is that the customer defines à pickup location based on a zip code.

Let us take the example of Italian customers:

They can:

  • choose a pickup location in Italy and ask for a billing address in Italy.

They cannot:

  • choose a pickup location in Italy and ask for a billing address in Spain.

Mobile Phone number

Also, to access Oney's payment method, the customer must fill up a valid mobile phone number in his account. The validation is based on the customer's billing address. If your mobile phone is French, customer billing address must be in France. Customer phone number is mandatory to get access to the 3x4x Oney's payment method. If the phone number is not collected by the merchant, customers cannot select Oney's split payment. Please note that phone numbers must be formatted in ITU-T E.164. Your customer can enter his mobile phone number with [+][country code].