Plugin Installation

Last update: August 3, 2023

Adding the payment module to Magento

In order to install the module, you will need an access to your Magento's files. They are located usually in /var/www/html.

WARNING : Before installing this module, it's highly recommended to install it before on a preproduction server and put your server into maintenance mode.

You will find in this archive a folder name Oney. In order to be installed this folder needs to be put in the Magento folder {magento_root}/app/code.

Using SSH, you will need to execute the following command :

php bin/magento module:enable Oney_ThreeByFour

WARNING : Due to module name change in version 1.0.8, please check that module Oney_Facilypay is disabled before installation or update

Magento will ask you to update your database with the following command :

php bin/magento setup:upgrade