Plugin Configuration

Last update: August 3, 2023


You need to verify if you website has the prerequisites before modifify any configuration. For the good functioning of Automatic confirmation, you need to creat a CRON task on your server that call the URL in the blue insert.

Then you can move to the next step, the credentials. You can chose the environement , this feature allows you to switch from development environment (to realize all tests provided by Oney's teams) to Production environment (Once you receive the "go live" from Oney's teams. Note that this validation may be given only after passing the tests)

Oney's credential

For a proper module configuration, Oney will communicate credentials dedicated and unique to the merchant such as:

  • Merchant GUID: Shared by Oney's integration Team (value: mandatory)
  • PSP GUID: Shared by Oney's integration Team (value: mandatory)
  • Secret Key: Fill up with "None" value (value: optional)
  • Payment Api Key: Shared by Oney's integration Team (value: mandatory)
  • Marketing Api Key: Shared by Oney's integration Team (value: mandatory)

Fill up each credential in the dedicated inputs in Oney module's configuration screen. Once it is done, save it by clicking on saving button. You may "Test" the credentials to ensure you the module is properly connected to Oney's webservice.

You may "Test" the credentials to ensure you the module is properly connected to Oney's webservice by clicking on the test button.

Important: The setup of this page is mandatory to retrieve Business Transactions and to activate Oney as payment method on your store.

Store and Orders configuration

In this step you can find different paramaters to configure :

  • Automatic confirmation: You have the option of confirming your product shipments automatically to Oney. Once Oney has approved the customer's financing, this function asks Oney's web service to automatically confirm the customer's order, which is then considered to have been dispatched. This is particularly useful when you have a lot of traffic on your shop.
    Important to know: If one or more products in the order are not in stock, the automatic confirmation will not be applied and you will have to confirm them manually. See our Order manipulation section for more details.

  • Store category: The merchandise category is your main product category. It is mandatory.

Each category has a number that will be forwarded to our API:

  1. Food & drinks
  2. Auto & motorcycle
  3. Culture & entertainment
  4. Home & garden
  5. Home appliances
  6. Bidding & multi purchasing
  7. Flowers & gifts
  8. Computers & software
  9. Health & beauty
  10. Personal services
  11. Professional services
  12. Sport
  13. Clothing & accessories
  14. Travel & tourism
  15. Hifi, photo & video
  16. Telephone & communication

Important note! On our API, all products (including transport) will have the same category. The one you select in your configuration.

    "category_code": "2",
    "label": "Coussin renard",
    "item_external_code": "demo\_15",
    "quantity": 1,
    "price": "226.80",
    "is_main_item": 1  
    "category_code": "2",
    "label": "Oneyprestashop 175 demo",
    "item_external_code": "TRANSPORT",
    "quantity": 1,
    "price": "0.00",
    "is_main_item": 0  
  • Carriers configuration: You need to set for each carrier listed here, each category corresponds to a number sent to Oney's API:

    1nd column – Address type and Delivery modes (delivery_mode_code):

    1. Collection of the goods in the merchant store
    2. Collection in a third-party point (like ups, alveol, dpd etc.)
    3. Collection in an airport, train station or travel agency
    4. Carrier (La Poste, Colissimo, UPS, DHL...or any private carrier)
    5. Electronic ticket insurance, download, etc.

    2rd column - Delivery option (delivery_option):

    1. Express
    2. Standard
    3. Priority

    3th column - Priority delivery (priority_delivery_code):

    1. Less than or equal to 1 hour
    2. More thant an hour
    3. Immediate
    4. 24/24 7/7
  • Template options: In this section you will be able to show or hide horizontal and vertical banners displayed on your store.

    The horizontal banner is displayed on your store homepage and the vertical banner is displayed on the catalogue page (in the left/right column).

    See "Home page banner" and "Banners on product list page" sections for more details on elements display.

    In addition, the module will integrate to your e-shop the followings:

    • Oney's instalment icons and sentence on the product page of the eligible products.
    • Oney's simulation tooltip on product page (details of the instalments)
    • Oney's Pedagogical Popin (payment process)
    • Oney's instalment icons and sentence on the shopping cart page of the eligible order.
    • Oney's simulation tooltip on shopping cart page (details of the instalments)
    • Oney payment options on the final checkout page.
  • Special case for Portugal: This configuration concerns Portugal only as it is a requirement from the Bank of Portugal to declare your company as a credit intermediary:

    • Credit Intermediary: Enable this option and fill the other fields. It will modify the banners and the frontend element for Oney.
    • Exclusivity Regime: If your contract with Oney indicate your regime as exclusive, the legal texts for Oney will show this information to your customers.
    • Legal Designation: This element must be the official designation of your company shown in legal text.

    Legal Document: A document with more legal information from Bank of Portugal

Advanced configuration

This feature is optional. There are types of files which main mission is to store a history of events. We recommend activating this feature when testing your integration. In case you activate logs, a file will be sent to the module into the folder named "logs".

Business transactions

Once the module is properly configured, the link is established between your store and Oney Web Services, business transactions are available in "Select business transactions" tab. You are invited to enable or disable Business Transactions for this website.

Business Transactions activation or inactivation are separated by country (current scope: France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Romania), it is based on your store location configuration. For example: you cannot retrieve Italian business transactions for a store located in Spain.

Currently, Business Transactions' recovery is manual, you must click on "Retrieve offers" to call Oney Web Services and get latest Business Transaction.

See F.A.Q. section if you encounter any troubles.